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Instituto de Especulación Ancestral 

Ten years before the Great Glitch, which occurred in the year 2092, eight tetzahuitl or "omens" occurred. Eight prophecies that announced what was to come, signs of what was not yet happening but would happen: the end of our Sun, of our Time. Folleto 7S #1 gathers these eight dire omens so that their memory will never perish and so that our descendants, as our ancestors did, will know how to read the signs correctly when they appear.

    Reality cannot be reproduced without exercising a selection… The only thing needed, then, is to find a principle of choice that will give shape to the world. And such a principle is found, not in the reality we know, but in the reality that will be — in short, the future. In order to reproduce properly what is, one must depict also what will be.
Albert Camus

The Mexica believed that they lived in the era of the Fifth sun. After European colonization during the 16th century, the Sixth sun - Western capitalist modernity - began. The Seventh sun (also known as 7S) is the new era that will come when the times in which we live end. The Instituto de Especulación Ancestral is an artistic movement, a think tank, an old-fashioned avant-garde group, a consulting firm, and an exercise of utopian fiction that seeks to foster radical imagination based on the cosmovisions of ancient cultures. From another angle, the idea is to make a profound critique of our present from a Mesoamerican perspective. This project is part of a research on ancestral speculation, whose theoretical and practical objective is to conceive future worlds beyond the logic of western capitalist modernity. This future inscribed in the past opens the possibility of a different future, of an emancipating horizon.