Contemporary art gallery in Mexico City

Magdalena Petroni

Magdalena Petroni's practice aims to explore the limits between low and high culture as well as the derailment of human excess and the anarchic order that follows.

She produce installations, paintings and sculptures taking references from tuning, techno, cybernetic imagery, horror and science fiction. In her works dissimilar objects are assembled and related in a frantic way exploring the alterity, the strange, the fascination with the exterior, the extrasensory in relation to the alienated. That which is beyond ordinary experiences.

Through her work she investigates the dynamism of social, technological and sexual changes driven by capital. The mixture of excitement and anxiety before the imaginaries of the monstrous present, where ideas, impossible dualities, inherited by the modern conception of the world of mind/body, culture/nature, subject/object, human/non human, masculine/feminine, seem to disintegrate. Thinking an object-oriented ontology, considering anthropocentrism as a privilege of the humans against non-humans.

He was trained at the National University of Art, the Program of Artists from the Torcuato Di Tella University and SOMA

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