Contemporary art gallery in Mexico City

Magdalena Petroni

Her artwork is based in the construction of narratives related to eroticism, violence, drugs, sex, hallucinations, mental disorders as realities strange and perverse. She explore the rare as a category that possesses its own specificity and use it as a strategy to denature all the worlds by exposing there instability. Thinking an object-oriented ontology, considering anthropocentrism as a privilege of the humans against non-humans. Working the matter a sadistic way taking her to maximum points of expression corrosion and destruction where the pulsations of pleasure and pain seem to join. She es particularly interested in the chemicals and petroderivatives materials, evoking its darkness.

Through his paintings, sculptures and installations she investigates the dynamism of social, technological and sexual changes driven by capital. The mixture of excitement and anxiety before the imaginaries of the monstrous present, where ideas, impossible dualities,
inherited by the modern conception of the world of mind/body, culture/nature, subject/object, human/non human, masculine/feminine, seem to disintegrate.

Likewise, it is influenced by the imaginary of the subculture raver culture and techno, fashion and tuning. The themes he cites in his work are science fiction dystopian, cyberpunk, biohorror and xenofeminism.

He was trained at the National University of Art, the Program of Artists from the Torcuato Di Tella University and SOMA

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