Contemporary art gallery in Mexico City

Marek Wolfryd

(Mexico City, 1989)

In the practice of Marek Wolfryd above all, persists the desire to expand the limits of authorship and originality in favor of a poetic of fair use, where the work is only a network of signs woven by a semionaut; the artist, one more link in a chain of production, distribution, commodification and consumption.

His relationship with the history of art, guided by curiosity as a footnote, is ambivalent and comprehensive. His series focus on specific historical periods that, not being understood in a monolithic way, interconnect with other points in history, tracing a story that collapses past and present.

Some recurring themes in his work are the project of modernity in the context of Latin America, symbolic values in popular culture and the Western concept of authorship as an instrument of power compared to other narratives.

On a formal level Wolfryd explores different artistic media and formats, also having an interest in curatorial practice, museography and cultural promotion as outstretched arms of his work.

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