Contemporary art gallery in Mexico City

Roger Muñoz

He uses grim humor as a critical tool to project and visualize narratives related to power, monstrosity, and decadence. His practice is developed mainly through a pictorial perspective that branches out to other media such as video, installation, and transvestite performance.Through these media, he stages narratives of death and cruelty, social archetypes, and mythological relationships to unveil social class tensions and power dynamics. His work intersects dark humor, goth culture, and horror subcultures, on the other hand, with orientalism and latin american pop culture, on the other.

We can think of his work as a sort of projection of tropical horror anchored in his country’s landscapes, trash TV, popular culture, the remnants of its underground subcultures, and horror movies. Roger work thus reflects a global-era blend of developed-country imported culture and the native cultural context I was immersed in.

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