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Amigas Intimas Editorial

IN MEMORIAM, a book that gathers texts by twelve artists and art agents who write intimate anecdotes in regards to a close colleague who has passed away, as a sort of homage. This book belongs to our Collective Book collection, which aims to collect texts by artists in various formats through a conceptual proposal chosen by the publishing house. On this occasion the following artists write: Sofía Garfias (mx) on Carla Herrera Prats (mx); Vania Macias Osorno (mx) on Felipe Ehrenberg (mx); Caitlin Donohue (us) on Alan Balthazar (mx); Ana Gallardo (ar) on Sarah Minter (mx); Carla Rippey (us) on Muna Imady (sy); Manolo Larrosa (mx) on Emiliano Yoshigei Gutiérrez Nakatani (mx); Zoe MG (mx) on Omar Gutiérrez Noriega (mx); Gustavo Bruzzone (ar) on Pablo Suárez (ar); Melquiades Herrera (mx) on Rubén Valencia (mx); Dulce María de Alvarado Chaparro (mx) on Melquiades Herrera (mx); Mónica Nepote (mx) on Grace Quintanilla (mx) y Patricia Rizzo (ar) on Alfredo Londaibere (ar).

In Memoriam emerges from our interest in providing portraits of artists from an intimate perspective, in order to offer a different panorama from that of the traditional biography. We know that death is a difficult subject to approach because of the concepts that surround it. It was a challenging book to make because of the difficulty for each writer to delve into a sensitive universe of emotions and memories. We fundamentally believe in the emotional link between art and friendship. Friends, colleagues, are -especially in art- indispensable to nurture personal and collective practices. We believe this book is important because it brings to the biographies of the artists being honored an intimate and loving perspective, a story written with truth and love, an atmosphere that surrounds and describes each artist. In Memoriam is a sad book, because it resonates with the people we love who are no longer with us, but it is an impulse to foster and polish our bonds, to share and discuss what happens to us.

In Memoriam. 2022. Narrative. Spanish. 162 pp. 18 x 12 cm. Amigas Intimas. VVAA: Sofía Garfias, Vania Macias Osorno, Caitlin Donohue, Ana Gallardo, Carla Rippey, Manolo Larrosa, Zoe MG, Gustavo Bruzzone, Melquiades Herrera, Dulce María de Alvarado Chaparro, Mónica Nepote, Patricia Rizzo.

Prologue: Gaby Cepeda.

Epilogue: Milagros Rojas, Catalina Berarducci. 1 ed. August 2022.