Contemporary art gallery in Mexico City
General Expenses in collaboration with Des Bains (London) presents its first participation in CONDO Mexico City 2024, for this occasion we will present two exhibitions "Intervals of Horrible Sanity" by Sara Knowland and Thomas Liu Le Lann as well as "Seething Landscapes" by Nour El Saleh.

Condo takes its name from "condominium" and is a large-scale collaborative exhibition o international galleries. The host galleries share their spaces with the visiting galleries, either by jointly curating an exhibition or by dividin their galleries and allocating spaces. The initiative encourages the evaluation of existing models, pooling resources and acting together to propose a more conducive environment.

"Intervals of Horrible Sanity" Sara Knowland & Thomas Liu Le Lann.
As we navigate through the work of Thoma Liu Lelann and Sara Knowland, we are challenged to confront our own perceptions A certain idea of intimacy and the complexity of human relationships emerges in the works of both artists, which capture a
glimpse of human emotion. Challenging social norms and expectations - eliciting introspection and empathy.

"Seething landscapes" Nour El Saleh In Nour El Saleh's work, the viewer is invited to contemplate the complexity of personal and collective narratives. E Saleh's paintings, while often presented as a multitude of figures, depict moments of contextual solitude. His compositions however, eschew didacticism and instead serve as open-ended explorations of the multifaceted nature of the self.