Contemporary art gallery in Mexico City



Based on the reconstruction of the story of a crystal skull that was long exhibited in the British Museum as an important piece of Mexica origin, #elpoderdeloscuarzos explores the relationships between archaeology, state power, colonialism, esoteric crystals, indigenism and aliens. This film essay, which mixes audiovisual material from diverse sources, poses a series of questions that have aesthetic and political relevance: Is there a way to turn colonial extractivist indigenism upside down or does it always end up falling into the logic of domination? Is there a way to twist it baroquely so that, instead of sustaining the hegemony of imperialist capitalism, it gives rise to an emancipatory horizon? The piece is accompanied by a publication composed of two unpublished essays: one written by anthropologist Sandra Rozenthal and filmmaker Jesse Lerner and the other by artist Wendy Cabrera.