Contemporary art gallery in Mexico City

No shelter in a starless sky
Group show

The exhibition speculates on the experience of the uncanny that appears as a response to the disappearance of the stars. The installation is a vestibule, portal or antechamber that is supposed to reduce the unfavorable weather conditions outside, but when it is affected by disaster, it loses its naïve claim to evoke a sense of well-being.

Starting from the architectural archetype of the hall, this group exhibition proposal aims to channel the spectre of the house inside General Expenses, to furnish the gallery space according to the order in which empty spaces are transformed into homes and these in turn into nests of snakes, malformations and viscosities that ooze the monstrosities of the family cave.

This exhibition is part of a transversal process of Cráneo collective that combines group reflection and artistic production around concerns that attempt to decenter human experience. For the exhibition at General Expenses, the collective presents a collaborative installation, a video essay and a publication.