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Ideas also get old and die
Wendy Cabrera - Rubio Marek Wolefyrd

The artistic processes of Marek Wolfryd and Wendy Cabrera Rubio blur in different ways the distinctions between art, crafts and copy to problematize the contemporary condition of art and delve into issues such as authorship, genius mindset, collectivism or exhibition.

These processes involve both Wendy's mother and aunt, as well as the shanzhai* workshops with which Marek collaborates in China. The domestic and global character of alternate aesthetic creation refer us to other contemporary production processes that have set aside the novel writer, director, or master potter and have become the prevailing mechanisms of cultural reproduction.

The TikTok, the meme, the twit or vlog evade authorship, move away from the corporality of its creator and build complex processes of referentialization, appropriation, replica and satire. Furthermore, these contemporary meaning-making processes exist in absolute contemporaneity. Historical consciousness, however, are inextricably anchored in their moment: in the context of the instant that gave them genesis and content. In this way they function as the perfect time capsule and at the same time they are unarchived.

The objectification of these processes that differ from art, from industrial design and crafts in pieces from the international art market has been the obsession that has united Marek and Wendy in a strange complicity. Similarly, the fascination with our meme-based & trending time has marked our generation both in painting and literature. However, the pieces by Marek and Wendy, including those presented in this exhibition, go one step further. They are as a whole and in their singularity an autonomous way of imitation of these same processes of contemporary emulation. They reproduce, recreate and satirize these successes of reproduction that build our present cybernetic presenteeism. In this sense, the commentary extends from art to life itself.

Also ideas get old and die is the result of the difficult process of making public a long-term private conversation; at the same time, it is a reflection on the history of modernity through its objects, but above all it is a simulation of the present in which everything outside of it is not future or past; it just isn't.

“The work of art, as a thing, is not eternal. And ideas? Ideas also grow old and die. But artists often forget that their work owns the secret of true time: not the hollow eternity but the liveliness of the instant.”

We invite you to the vivacity of this moment.

*Shanzhai is a contemporary Chinese economic and social phenomenon that consists of counterfeiting commercial products and the innovation generated from these copies and improvements with new functionalities.

Pablo Arredondo Vera