Contemporary art gallery in Mexico City
General Expenses welcomes you aboard this daring flight into the human psyche. Fasten your existential seatbelt and prepare for departure!
From the (dis)comfort of first class, take in stunning views of our morbid attraction to catastrophe. This irreverent exhibition takes a satirical nosedive into the spectacle of disaster, daring you to confront humanity at its most unhinged.

In Avantgardo’s video “Is That All There Is to a Miracle?” our team of stewardesses, or as we like to call them, Crash landing Cuties, will lip sync amidst a deadly crash site, please recline to the sound of disco as it evolves into wry social commentary on our voyeuristic attraction to the macabre.

Don't miss your boarding call! Ascend with us on a bumpy ride through clouded skies, for an unparalleled view from 30,000 feet of the ultimate black box - the human heart.